Does CBD Oil Break a Fast

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Does CBD Oil Break a Fast?

Generally CBD oil is considered helpful in intermittent fasting but there is small amount of literature available regarding its effects on breaking a fast. CBD oil is in fact not a medicine although it had certain medical benefits. In case of medicines, they can be used in small quantity if the patient takes them regularly. However CBD can be taken along with meal before starting the fasting, moreover a few drops of CBD if necessary can be combined while fasting: remember only few drops.

CBD and intermittent fasting.

Researches show that there are no harmful effects of taking CBD oil while fasting or intermittent fasting. CBD users will be happy to know that supplementing CBD during intermittent fasting helps maximize the effects of CBD and improve the benefits of fasting.  CBD has a helpful effect on our metabolism and endocannabinoid system, which helps to harmonise our immune system, cardiovascular health, digestion, mental health, memory, and appetite.  Moreover, as your body’s inflammation levels reduce from fasting, pains, anxieties, arthritic condition, and whatever other inflammation related ailments and diseases will definitely improve.

The use of CBD gummies during fasting or intermittent fasting

When taking CBD, it is important to remember that some CBD products are made by using sugar, like the CBD gummies, and should be avoided to take while fasting. Use instead for a CBD isolate, or our full spectrum green oil with THC or our gold oil that contains a full plant profile minus the THC and original cannabis plant materials.

The use of CBD oil/ Green oil while fasting or intermittent fasting

However some people also make use of green oil when dosing on a fast, because it contains all the valuable plant materials like chlorophyll, lipids, and waxes.  In addition, all of the cannabis plants cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, are also present allowing for the ‘entourage effect’ that only a true full spectrum CBD oil can offer.

The CBD oil and its effects on the empty stomach

As described earlier CBD does help when the stomach is empty however in a very few cases, CBD oil based products can slightly upset the stomach when taken on an empty stomach. But we should keep in mind that this is extremely rare, it is a bit to note and proceed accordingly. If you are one of the rare few, simply take your CBD with food at mealtimes.





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